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When you need to decode or pick a lock fast Original Lishi is the solution for you! Automotive and door hardware keyway options available.

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Original Lishi

Quality Tools Made by a Locksmith for Locksmiths

The Lishi 2-In-1 Tool has revolutionized the automotive locksmithing industry.

SC4 2-In-1 Tool

Using SC4 2-In-1 tool to pick Schlage knob cylinder

2:27 minutes

FO38 2-In-1 Tool

Using FO38 2-In-1 tool to pick Ford lock (H75 keyway)

0:33 minutes

Justin from Just Cars Advanced Locksmith:

"I am happy to be the new instructor conducting the Original Lishi classes for KDL now. We will be providing a unique experience allowing our students an up-close and personal look at the ins and outs of utilizing these advanced tools to their maximum potential."

Justin will be teaching automotive locksmith skills at the KDL classes in May 2021.

Classes will include: Original Lishi Tools, Introductory Automotive Locksmith, Advanced Automotive Locksmith, and EEPROM Automotive Locking Technology

Just Cars Advanced Locksmith on representing Original Lishi tool

We are not the manufacturer of this product of course, but Just Cars Advanced Locksmith uses Original Lishi tools every single day. Original Lishi tools allow us to originate and duplicate keys and even repair some broken locks without having to tear down the panel to remove and disassemble the locks or retrieve a costly keycode. 

Why Use Original Lishi?

Using Original Lishi tools I can generate keys for vehicles and other locks without even opening the door in many cases. We believe that Original Lishi tools are the most professional option for openings and originations on the market. With more than 100 tools available, Lishi has you covered on more than 90% of the locks in use today for both automotive and residential/commercial applications. 

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"I find that Original Lishi tools are by far the best quality and most reliable."-Justin

Justin Seudel

Just Cars Advanced Locksmith

Phone: 206-769-4485
Email: [email protected]